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Leave the mess here and bathe your dogs in a raised tub. We supply the shampoo, towels and blow dryer.

Variety of Shampoos

Oatmeal, whitening, deep clean, aloe, emu, and flea dip are some of the specialty shampoos we offer. 

Full-Service Baths
Drop your dog off and we will bathe them for you.  Call now to set up your appointment. 407.323.2700
Untimed & Easy to Use!

Our staff will show you the process and then you're good to go! Don't forget to spray your dog with our skin-friendly doggie cologne on the way out!

                               Bath Specials
Tuesdays: $2 OFF self-service baths.
Wednesdays: Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Dept.,
                          & Seniors receive 10% OFF all services.
Thursdays: Double-stamp day!
Fridays: $10 self-service bath on ANY size dog!

Visit our bakery after their bath!

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